Visitor Centre

The main on-shore facility of the Secche della Meloria marine protected area is its Visitor Centre, located in Livorno in the “Scoglio della Regina” complex in the “former Bagnetti caldi” building.

The Visitor Centre provides a range of services aimed at visitors and local populations, with particular regard to the world of schooling. With its suitably skilled staff, it offers information, outreach, entertainment and hospitality, and nurtures and develops the growth of a collaborative relationship with local communities, including addressing aspects of a scientific nature. The facility occupies the entire ground floor of the building, and consists of two macro-areas: a management, information and study centre area, which includes the reception desk and a number of small labs (mainly for teaching), and an exhibition area, which includes dedicated physical and multimedia displays and both permanent and portable dissemination material (see: Overall plan Scoglio Regina).

The facility can accommodate a maximum of 90 people at a time (including staff) with an estimated 30,000 visitors a year.

The Centre also operates in connection with the Natural History Museum of the Mediterranean and the Livorno Aquarium.

the building that houses the visitor centre is currently undergoing refurbishment for building and plant upgrades and the construction of new installations, and is scheduled to reopen in summer 2022.