Environmental education

The founding decree of the Secche della Meloria Marine Protected Area establishes among its statutory aims “the promotion of environmental education and the dissemination of knowledge of marine and coastal environments, including through the implementation of educational and dissemination programmes”.


Since taking over the management of the area, the Park Authority has been carrying out ongoing activities aimed at raising awareness, improving knowledge and providing environmental education, with particular regard to the local population and especially to younger generations. Among the many events, it is worth mentioning the numerous days devoted to volunteering activities for “Fondali puliti” (“clean seabeds”), participation in outreach events with local administrations such as the Livorno Municipality and Livorno Port Authority initiative “Navi di maggio”, the production and dissemination of information and study material on the area, collaboration with the knowledge and education initiatives of Livorno Aquarium and Pelagos Sanctuary, and the recent launch of an awareness-raising day for the sea of the Secche della Meloria, held on the first Saturday in June since 2019.

In recent years, the Park Authority has placed particular emphasis on forms of active environmental education; that is, actions that directly and operationally involve people, according to a key principle that guides all educational activities:


Below are reports on the main and most recent activities carried out, in downloadable documents .

PHOTOS of the main activities:

Navi di Maggio (photos from Parck archive)

Marine biology education with schools (photos from Park archive)

MPA awareness-raising days (photos from Park archive)

“Fondali puliti” (“clean seabeds”) campaigns (photos from Park archive)