Updating of rules and zoning

The Park Authority, the managing body of the MPA, has carried out a survey of the various monitoring activities carried out, with the verification of the environmental and socio-economic conditions of the marine area and the activities permitted within it following its first decade of management, in application of the provisions of Article 31 of the current MPA Implementation and Organisation Regulations approved by the Ministerial Decree of 18/04/2014.

Following the verification carried out, it was considered appropriate to apply paragraph 3 of Article 31 of the Ministerial Decree of 18/04/2014 and to submit an initial proposal to update the regulations and perimeter currently in force for this marine protected area. This would seek to improve its ability to protect the most distinctive marine environments of this area and to combine sustainable and compatible possibilities of use, eliminating certain conflicts that have arisen with the local populations over the years, including through the simplification and improved clarity of the rules.

The document prepared by the managing body, to which reference should be made for further information on this project, is attached below.

Downoadable document: