Ongoing environmental monitoring

Monitoring of the marine protected area is carried out on an approximately annual basis.

For the years 2021/22, the continued implementation of the monitoring and research activities already undertaken in previous years is planned: covering all the main habitats that characterise the biocoenosis of this marine protected area.

The planned monitoring follows the guidelines laid down by the Ministry of the Environment and provided to the managing body by specific decrees.

In the forthcoming monitoring activities, which are currently underway, particular attention will be paid not only to the most characteristic habitat in this MPA, the Posidonia meadows, but also to the rarer and deeper habitat of the the Coralligenous and to the continuation of the study on “ecosystem services” and related “environmental accounting”, with specific investigations and checks on the aspects of fish fauna and fish stocks of commercial interest.

The approved guidance and planning documents are listed below.


DOCUMENTS to download :