Scientific research

Underlying the monitoring are also targeted scientific research activities.

Due to its intrinsic environmental, morphological and geographical characteristics, this marine area is a sort of research gymnasium and a large open-air laboratory; you can find a general overview of this topic on the page dedicated to the studies that have been conducted on this area for many years.

The main partners and stakeholders currently involved in the scientific research activities in this marine area are the Tuscan universities, including first and foremost the University of Pisa with its Department of Biology and the G. Bacci Inter-University Centre for Marine Biology and Applied Ecology in Livorno (CIBM), but also the CNR (National Research Council) with its Institute of Marine Science (ISMAR).

Thanks to the presence of the marine protected area, in recent years, Livorno has also become also the venue of the “Symposium – Mediterranean coastal monitoring” organised by the National Research Council Institute of Bioeconomics (CNR-IBE), now in its ninth edition in 2022.

Below are some in-depth documents available as downloadable files: